Ciutat Vella C.B. (2008, 55', HDV)
Script: Albert Folk and Adri de la Cruz
D.O.P.: Albert Folk, Edu Valero and Àlex Llopis
Sund: Jordi Ribas
Editing: Adri de la Cruz
Original Music: Banda Ancha
Production: Animals Films in coproduction with Televisió de Catalunya, with the support of Federació Catalana de Basquetbol, Institut Català de les Indústries Culturals, Institut Municipal d’Educació de Barcelona and Districte de Ciutat Vella

“Ciuat Vella C.B.” follows up the league of a humble basketball team in Barcelona, where a group of youngsters with different origins spend their time together. Pabú, from Santo Domingo, is looking for a job in order to help his family. Hilario, son of Philippines, is studying in the University, but is not very sure about fitting there. Gerard, Spanish and a sports maniac, must pass this course if he wants his parents to let him continue playing basketball. And Miguel Ángel, a brilliant student in Santo Domingo, is waiting for some documents that never come, in order to continue with his studies in Barcelona.
All of them will spend a year together, under the guidance of Carlos, a coach who, some times, will get involved with their lives.

The documentary, which was premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) in an event conducted by the journalist Olga Viza, was originally made for the Televisió de Catalunya program “El documental”, although it was broadcasted within the program Esports 33 as well. It has also been screened at various venues around Barcelona and has been selected for the catalog of the 2009 edition of the audiovisual market MEDIMED, held during the International Film Festival of Sitges. In 2010 it was purchased by the Hungarian association DocuArt for the documentary festival “Strangers In My Garden”.