Krokodillos On The Road (2007, 41', DVCam)
Script: Albert Folk
D.O.P.: Edu Valero, Albert Folk
Sound: Jordi Ribas
Editing: Adri de la Cruz
Music: Los Krokodillos
Production: Albert Folk, with the collaboration of Televisió de Catalunya

Krokodillos On The Road follows up the tour of the Dixieland band Los Krokodillos through several gigs and festivals round Denmark. Formed in Barcelona (Spain) by Mikha, a russian banjo player who arrived to this city after playing on the streets of several countries of Europe and Asia, Los Krokodillos is an international band with musicians from England, Australia, Japan and Spain, who, by different reasons, were living in Barcelona as well. After their beginings on the streets, where they played till the City Council enforced a new law that forbade bands bigger than four members to play, Los Krokodillos started to look for new horizons. Playing in weddings and private parties, and facing the menace of a dissolution of the band, Los Krokodillos kept the eye on the international jazz festivals. Finally, thanks to a constant promotional work and the help of a danish manager (Ulrik), the big opportunity arose. Alternating the tour with flashbacks telling the former story of the band, the documentary follows up the ups and downs of Los Krokodillos in their tour around Denmark, a tour that means their great opportunity and where they’ll have to learn the attitude for success.

The material shot for Salvem els Krokodillos (that was handed over by Televisió de Catalunya) was used in the production of Krokodillos On The Road, as well as the material shot in the Danish tour of the band. The documentary was shot at many venues in Barcelona during the week of the Day of Music and at the BarcelonaTV / XTVL programs “DOCs” and “Música Moderna”. In 2007 it was included in the audiovisual market MEDIMED catalog, which is held during the International Film Festival of Sitges.