Save the Krokodillos, (Salvem els Krokodillos, 2006, 26', DVCam)
Script: Albert Folk
D.O.P.: Edu Valero
Sound: Jordi Ribas
Editing: Gilles Thomat
Music: Los Krokodillos
Production: Parallel 40, for Televisió de Catalunya

Save the Krokodillos is the story of a band born in St. Petersburg, where a group of buskers came together to recreate the sounds of New Orleans Dixieland. After traveling around the world and problems between members of the original set, Mikha, alma mater of the group, ended in the streets of Barcelona, where he assembled a group of musicians from places as diverse as Australia, England or Japan, who brought the music beyond the streets. Maintaining the enthusiasm and passion for making music, Krokodillos face all odds (members come and go, laws that make it difficult playing in the street, badly paid concerts ...) and the music goes on. As Mikha says, "everything has a solution if you know what you want".

This documentary was made for the Canal 33-Televisió de Catalunya program Taller.doc, as a way to finance a longer version of the story, that became the documentary Krokodillos On The Road.