The Dream of France (El somni de França, 2004, 27', DVCam)
Script: Albert Folk
D.O.P.: Marta Ferrer
Sound: Jordi Llach
Editing: Luís Ivan Pita
Original Music: Marc Marés
Albert Folk for Escándalo Films

Roger Ibáñez is a comic drawer who has been working on it for 10 years getting paid almost nothing. While he is waiting for a meeting with the french publishers Dargaud, that will take place in the comic festival of Angoulême, the documentary follows up his day-by-day life. The way he and his writer work and how do they have to earn their living: drawing porn comics one, cleaning houses the other. When they finally travel to Angoulême, the huge difference between the situation of the comic in France and in Spain arises. The story of Roger is supported with interviews with rellevant people linked with the comic world in Spain.

El somni de França (The Dream of France) was the Graduation Project of its director: Albert Folk. Shot with a 3 people crew, most parts of the shooting took place in several locations in Barcelona during a period of six months, under the guidance of the tutors of ESCAC (the High Scool for Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalunya). The shooting also brought the crew to the comic festivals in Getxo (Bilbao, Spain) and in Angoulême (France), where the final sequences where shot.