What To Do? (2005, 58', DVCam)
Script: Marta Ferrer and Albert Folk
D.O.P.: Marta Ferrer and Laia Puig
Sound: Marta Ferrer and Laia Puig
Editing: Albert Folk and Marta Ferrer
Original Music: Dani Pag├Ęs
Production: Marta Ferrer, Albert Folk and Laia Puig, for Servei Civil Internacional

Nine months after the Tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia, Kalmunai, a town in eastern Sri Lanka (country in which 250,000 people died), has been completely forgotten as a result of a conflict between the ruling Sinhalese majority and the guerrillas of the Tamil minority: LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam). In this context, the Service Civil International, a small NGO whose main objective is peace, work for the rapprochement between different cultures living in Kalmunai, in an attitude that contrasts with the approach of the larger NGOs (more focused on assistance), that fill the village.

This project, which arose afgter what happened in Asia in 2004, was co-led by Marta Ferrer and Puig Laia. Its production had the support of the Service Civil International, the company Ovide BS and the city of Terrassa. It has been projected in different NGOs, museums and cultural centers in Spain, Italy and Japan.