El muerto (2013, 16', HD)
Written by: Albert Folk i Daniel Jándula
Original music: Marc Marés
DOP: Pablo Lago
Production Design: Míriam Herrerías
Production Director: Oriol Font
Sound Recording: Pau Xandri, Guillem G. Peeters i Chus Manrique
Sound Design & Post-production: Juanjo Montañés
Editing: Albert Folk
Produced by: Albert Folk P.C.

Leo and Ivan are two pre-teens living in a small industrial town. Trying to escape boredom, they often go to a nearby forest looking for adventure and new emotions. Leo, distant, hard, and even poignant, is the one who takes the lead. Ivan follows him wherever he goes. One day, after shooting cans with an air rifle, they discover a dead man. This finding will specially affect Leo and his relationship with Ivan, his own mother and himself will falter.

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