Future is Now (pilot)
Production: Offon Produccions Audiovisuals SL and La Mandarina de Newton SL, with the support of Talència
Animation: Hierro

The series borrows the visual imagery from Science Fiction in order to disseminate and promote technological innovation.
The audiovisual is divided in two parts:
An animation lead by a fictional character leaving in a Science Fiction world, where older visions of the genre (based on its milestones: 2001, Blade Runner, Ender's Game, etc.) are combined with an speculation of the possibilities that new developments open.
And a reportage, where leading researchers and experts show the startling advances they are working on. The content of this reports is related with the animation.
Every episode of the series focuses on a specific topic: time-space travels, A.I., videogames and V.R….

Currently, the project is in fundraising stage.