The workshop in documentary filmmaking's format is flexible and suitable for different venues and audiences. With a hands-on approach, it will give its participants the foundations of a branch in cinema that constitutes a rich and intense way when it comes to dealing with reality.

Specially when adressing non-want-to-be-professional participants, we will use tools and resources related with the concept of open culture (openware, freeware, Creative Commons licenses, crowdfuning campaings, etc.)

The main body of the workshop will be a single project, developed by the participants (usually in groups). During the different stages of development of this project, the participants will get the necessary theory to carry it out.

This theory is divided into 4 parts:
1. Introduction: explanation of the concept of documentary (differences with film fiction and reportage), film language (shot types, raccord, transitions ...)
2. Pre-production: documentary script, research, pre-production
3. Shooting: shooting situations, interviews, sound and video technical foundations
4. Edit: introduction to the editing programs, editing techniques, editing script
5. Financing & distribution: crowdfunding, Creative Commons, youtube & social networks, transmedia projects, pitchings, film funds, co-production schemes

To see some of the students' work, please don't hesitate to visit the Youtube Channel .